Forget about the phone during peak times of the day
Automate all calls and don’t miss any bookings
Ensure an exclusive experience and maintain a positive image of your business

Forecast the demand for business-making

Manage bookings in detail regardless of the flow of customers

Club bookings spike during high season and holiday peaks. Answer all phone calls and give your customers the opportunity to cancel their booking in advance. Call ahead and call them in time to cover all bookings.

[IMAGE] We design specific functionalities
We design functionalities adapted to your needs

[IMAGE] Ship contact channel
Get customers to your Club from the sea by informing them about your contact channel.

[IMAGE] Bottle reservation
Forecast the drinks your customers are going to consume and secure your stock of products.

[IMAGE] Hammock request

[IMAGE] Cancellation policy
Give your customers prior notice of the conditions for cancelling their booking.

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