Forget about the phone during peak times of the day
Automate all calls and don’t miss any bookings
Ensure an exclusive experience and maintain a positive image of your business
Have a demand forecast for business-making

24 hour reservations. 7 days a week. All year round.

We know that customer service is very important for your business: maintain a positive image of your brand and offer special treatment to your VIP customers. Prioritise your customers according to their booking details such as number of people or drinks, and secure their table with a pre-reservation payment.

[IMAGE]Personalised greeting
Your customers have a certain image of you: enhance it and differentiate yourself from the rest.
[IMAGE]Zone management (VIP)
See the availability of tables and fill tables faster.
[IMAGE]Allergy management
Register your customers’ intolerances at the time of booking: you will offer a more personalised customer service.
[IMAGE]Weather forecast
Offer customers the possibility of choosing an area according to the weather forecast thanks to an app that provides real-time forecasts.
[IMAGE]Demand forecast
Register your customers’ consumption in advance and prepare all the details for their arrival at the establishment.
[IMAGE]Estimated time of arrival
Know when your customers will arrive at the establishment to welcome them.
Informs about the conditions of admission to the establishment and registers the date of birth of the customer.
Languages are no longer a problem. Expand your range of customers by attending to them in Spanish, English, French, German or Catalan.

Reservation management

[IMAGE] Sending the request to the business by whatsapp
The business automatically receives the booking request via WhatsApp with the details provided by the client.
[IMAGE]Sending the request to the business by email
The business receives the booking request via email with the details provided by the client, which can be denied or accepted.

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